SouthPark Mall Restock Event

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General Event Details

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Are you ready Charlotte? The Athlete’s Foot North Carolina is opening a new retail location at the wonderful SouthPark Mall! To celebrate the opening of our new retail location we are restocking and rereleasing some of the hottest drops from Jordan and Nike.

On Thursday, May 17th @ 10am you will be able to visit our new SouthPark Mall retail store and purchase a pair of these sought after releases on a first come first serve basis. We will have limited size runs in each style which means sizes will go fast and there is unfortunately no guarantee that supplies will last by the time you arrive at the store. Each customer can buy up to 3 pairs of shoes each. We anticipate that there will be a line so arriving early will help you be further ahead in line. 
General Event Details 3 for 3, Skip the line Contest Details
Join our 3 for 3 contest which will let 3 customers skip the entire line, no matter how many people are ahead of them when the store opens at 10am on Thursday, May 17th. These 3 customers will get first dibs and will be able to purchase up to 3 pairs of shoes from 3 different styles before anyone else. These 3 contestants will be selected from our social media pages, like Facebook and Instagram. 
How to win the 3 for 3, Skip the line Contest
Here are the stipulations and rules to the 3 for 3 contest that you must adhere to in order to be randomly chosen to skip the line. For every one of the options you do the more entries you will get in the contest, and the more entries you get, the more likely you are to be selected from this Facebook Event Page guest list and be able to skip the line on Thursday, May 17th at 10am
1. Say you’re “going” to this Facebook Event Page (1 entry)
2. Share this event on your Facebook Page (1 entry)
3. Share this event on your Instagram Page (1 entry)
This contest officially ends at 11:59pm on Tuesday, May 15th. The three winners will be announced at 1pm on Wednesday, May 16th.
Here are the styles that will be available for purchase on a first come first serve basis while sizes last:
1. AJ 11
– Win Like 96 (Men’s Sizes Only)
– Win Like 82 (Men’s Sizes Only)
– Space Jam (Men’s & Grade School Sizes Only)
2. AJ 3 OG
– True Blue (Men’s Sizes Only)
– Black Cement (Men’s Sizes Only)
3. AJ 3
– Tinker (Men’s Sizes Only)
4. AJ 11 LOW
– Baron (Men’s & Grade School Sizes Only)
– UNC (Men’s & Grade School Sizes Only)
– Easter (Men’s Sizes Only)
– Cool Grey (Men’s Sizes Only)
– Heiress (Men’s Sizes Only)
5. AJ 7
– Pantone (Men’s & Grade School Sizes Only)
6. AJ 1 High OG
– Royal (Men’s & Grade School Sizes Only)
– Shadow (Men’s & Grade School Sizes Only)
7. AJ 13 OG
– Air Jordan 13 OG (Men’s Sizes Only)
8. AJ 5
– Blue Suede (Men’s Sizes Only)
– Red Suede (Men’s Sizes Only)
9. Foams
– Copper (Men’s Sizes Only)
– Dr Doom (Men’s Sizes Only)
– Rust Pink (Men’s Sizes Only)
10. AJ 10
– Shadow (Men’s Sizes Only)
11. Air Max
– South Beach 98s (Men’s Sizes Only)
– South Beach 97s (Men’s Sizes Only)
12. AJ 1 Retro High
– Green Clay (Men’s Sizes Only)
13. AJ 3 RETRO
– Katrina (Men’s Sizes Only)
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Where is the new store going to be located in SouthPoint Mall? The Athlete’s Foot is located on the upper level next to Belk, across from the Gap.
2. What time can I line up? People on the guest list can start lining up as soon as SouthPark Mall opens.
3. What shoes will we have? Check out the list above to see what retros and limited release product we will have.
Do you have any additional questions? Ask us in the comment section 🙂

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Joining the event guest list on the Facebook Event Page will get you one additional entry into the contest, increasing the chance that you will be one of the 3 winners who get to skip the line. Join the guest list by clicking the button below.