The Athlete’s Foot North Carolina receives premium sneakers from top brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas Originals, Puma and more. When there is a release date for a highly sought after sneaker, The Athlete’s Foot North Carolina stores will have ticket reservations. Here is the process for reserving a pair in your size:

  1. TAFKICKSNC will make an announcement post on the social media pages stating what sneaker we will have. Please comment your size on that post so you’ll know which store will have your size.
  2. TAFKICKSNC will randomly publish a ticket announcement post anytime within 10 days of a release. This is your chance to visit us in store and reserve your size!
  3. All sizes are available first come first serve for reservation. We highly recommend keeping push notifications turned on so you don’t miss the post.
  4. You may reserve ONE Adult pair. Depending on the release, you may also be able to reserve ONE Grade School pair.
  5. Reserve your size by making an apparel purchase ($30 or more) in store. Your receipt is your ticket!
  6. Come back on release day and purchase your reserved size by 12 pm noon at the same store you made the reservation. If you do not show up by 12 pm noon, your ticket is forfeit and that size becomes available first come first serve to the public on release day.

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